Intelipower is an expert in the exciting field of Interior Analytics, helping customers achieve what we like to call the ‘Art of the Possible’.
We use technology to analyse the movements and actions of your customers to help you Move the Needle in your own businesses. We partner with the best OEM technology suppliers globally to create a depth of understanding about your customers, so you can give them more of what they want.
Intelipower has developed a strong track record since it was founded 15 years ago in Johannesburg, South Africa, initially focusing on the up-and-coming broadband internet services space.
We’ve now honed our skills to specialise in Interior Analytics, operating both globally and locally. Most recently, we’ve added Covid-19 solutions to our technology suite, to help you monitor and control foot traffic for social distancing regulations.
Our route to market is mostly via our channel partnerships.


In this type of technology, we are tracking known objects, in some cases they are know down to individual peoples names, in other cases we are tracking something specific, such as an identity tag. This class of analytic is of more use in closed user groups where it can be operated with full permission and disclosure.

Interior Analytics

Our goal is to derive meaningful business insights by analysing the activity in your interior spaces, so you can make better use of the available space or maximise retail opportunities.
We use the latest Hybrid Indoor Location Sensor Technologies, and our solutions are individually tailored to achieve the type of business outcome you are seeking, rather than trying to make one technology fit all applications.

Analytic Insights and Location services are able to help universally with:

Mask Group 23
Increasing revenues and reducing costs
Mask Group 22
People Counting and Visitor Demographic Profiling
Mask Group 13
Customer Behavior Analytics (Anonymous and Interactive)
Mask Group 14
Frontline Service Management (Queue Management)
Mask Group 15
Self Help - Mobile and Static Way Finding / Navigation using interactive 3D Maps
Mask Group 16
Customer Behavior Analytics (Anonymous and Interactive)
Mask Group 17
Window Display Effectiveness
Mask Group 18
Safety and Security in Manufacturing
Mask Group 19
Space Utilization
Mask Group 20
Logistics Improvements
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COVID-19 Solutions