Retailers are facing tough times as consumers cut their spending while the overheads remain expensive. It’s more important than ever to draw in customers, maximise your use of space, and make their shopping experience easy. Now the Covid-19 regulations have added the additional demand of social distancing.
Intelipower’s analytical tools allow entire shopping malls, hypermarkets, chain stores, individual retailers and quick-service restaurants to answer vital retail questions including:
  • Is my marketing effective? - How do customers behave as they journey through the store?
  • What is the visitor demographic (Age, gender, mood…) of the people passing by?
  • How good is my store at converting those passers-by into visitors, then into buyers?
  • How is my window display performing, and when does it need a refresh ?
  • How are my sales staff aiding in the sales conversion process?
  • Can I benchmark aspects of an individual store’s performance to a group of like stores?
  • Where exactly are my customers looking, and can they easily identify products?
  • How can I optimise the layout to improve increase sales? (In Store Optimisation.)
  • How do my various store zones perform in terms of converting browsers to buyers?
  • How are my checkout queues performing, and do I need to open more lanes?
  • Should I adopt a fast- or self-service checkout, and what effect would that have?
  • After Covid-19, what is the new normal in terms of shopper behaviour ?