Vision Technology

By linking specialised cameras or your existing CCTV cameras to our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, we can create meaningful behavioural information. This Meta-Data is then used to derive anonymous analytics. Camera AI technology is advancing rapidly, and offers some unique advantages when a higher degree of precision is required.


We currently use these camera technologies:


- Stereoscopic People Counting – with 99% accuracy for staff and buyer group detection, gender, staff, gaze direction, face mask detection and queue management.
- Eye Tracking - The ability to analyse exactly what a shopper is looking at. If the product can’t be seen, it can’t be bought!
- Object Detection - By detecting and tracking the movements of objects or people, we can infer a plethora of behavioural analytics.
In all cases, no PII information is collected or stored. Only the analytic content itself is stored.